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SAN BERNARDINO, CA, May 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — In an exclusive interview, Dr. Gupta explains why Reality is different from the Present, how we can enjoy the Present while letting Mother Nature illuminate her Reality, and the Reality Mother Nature works to illuminate as the solution for the sentient well-being of her children.

Why is Reality different from the Present?
The Present is the reproductive form of the essence that forms the Reality. The Present is the known Reality of the essence of everyone, animate or inanimate. The Reality is multidimensional, comprising seven elementary units.

• First, the thermodynamic force of the known element, servicing its greeter consciousness, greeting us with what is known, so that we may continue our journey to seek the unknown without reproducing what is already known to others who came before us.
• Second, technological growth of the unknown, knowable element, attracting us like a star to incarnate as a creature factor who knows what is known and is a worker working to know the unknown with her work energy.
• Third, multiplier of the known element, so that both the worker factor and the knower factor may join the multiplier who is the manifestor factor and help the manifestor factor focus on guiding the worker factor to move beyond the knower factor by making the knowledge self-luminous to all.
• Fourth, consciousness as the creator factor of the unknown element, which creates a four-unit creator organization, creating strong psychic linkages among the knower factor as the creature, the manifestor factor as the creation, and the creator factor as the creator for empowering the worker to be the Almighty Creator of the unknown into the Reality.
• Fifth, perpetuating value of the known as the perpetuator factor, perpetuating the five-unit entropy of the five potential entities. The five potential entities are the potential worker factor conceiving the known as the unknown, the potential knower factor perceiving the conceived unknown as knowable, the potential manifestor factor experiencing the perceived knowable as the known, the potential creator factor spiritualizing the theoretically known within an ideal knower, and the potential perpetuator factor thermalizing the ideal knower into the masculine consciousness for guiding the feminine perpetuator factor to perpetuate a potential known element. The potential known is the theory that if anyone were to conceive the known as the unknown, someone would potentially know the Reality of the illusion that binds anyone’s masculine consciousness.
• Sixth, the derived realty of the known as the destroyer factor, destroying the six-unit growth in the consciousness about the unknown when each entity becomes accultured to a shared belief system, believing the known to be partially unknown.
• Seventh, the illuminating value of the unknown Reality as the illuminator factor, illuminating the seven-unit sentient entity who is conscious of the Reality transcending the limits of the known Reality. A sentient entity has the omnipresent power to transcend the limits of the known Reality because he is not bound to the present Reality of programming the known as partially unknown.

When the known becomes partially unknown, the entity loses the power of discriminating the Reality that remains unknown and the illusion that erodes the known by transforming that into the unknown to be investigated further.

How can we develop the consciousness of Reality to embrace it joyfully?
As we devote work energy toward illuminating the presumably unknown fraction of the known, we become entangled into the grand challenge of the intellectual property. Does the intellectual property of what is discovered belong to the entity not aware of what is known or the para entity who conceived the known? Do all the children of the conceiving para entity share that intellectual property as the mass consciousness? Or, do only the grandchildren of the perceiving child entity share that intellectual property as the paternal consciousness? Do those grandchildren share the discredit of their paternal child entity sacrificing the six-unit growth, transforming the 10-unit mass consciousness into the 4-unit paternal consciousness for their private social benefit? Do all the children share the credit of Mother Nature as the para entity conceiving the known for their social benefit?

If what is known within the present consciousness of the universe deserves no credit, such as the Nobel Prize or references in the academic journals or the patent filings, why would anyone invest their work energy to know about that? Does the fact that someone has the privilege of resources to invest their work energy into knowing the secrets within Mother Nature’s womb give the right to accumulate additional resources by attracting disproportionate resources from others who lack such privilege?

More fundamentally, why someone gains the linear privilege of resources for the nonlinear, disproportionate growth of resources? One acquires resources when the exchange rate of work energy is in their favor. Each child has the freedom to devote their work energy for their conscious well-being, making conscious decisions about where to invest their nonlinear, divine energy for making an impact through their divinity. Any adult may decide that he will take care of the children and be their God, as long as the children are devoted to him and his well-being.

Thus, an adult who conceives the “I am a deity consciousness” (Pavitratma, 1) as a doctrine for guiding his behavior may exchange his illusion of oneself as the “deity” (Deva, 1), embodying all the “worker factors” (Shudra, 1). He may illuminate the “unknown reality” (Vastavikta, 7 = 5 + 2) of him as the “para deity” (Ishvara, 5), by adding the four-unit “paternal consciousness” (Pitra, 4) and his devotees as the “super deity” (Jiva, 2), enjoying the masculine half of his consciousness. The para deity is “God” (Ishvara, 5), whose Reality remains mysteriously unknown to all the devotees and allows him to benefit from the work each devotee is doing using their sentient energy.

The “para deity gravity” (Anahata, 53: 5  3) is “God’s” (Ishvara, 5) consciousness of the “multiplier” (Vaishya, 3) without HIM. It diffuses the consciousness of God as the King of the deities” (Indra, 0) in the form of a full “macroscopic circle” (Ghatikamandala, 53), seeking to conceive the multiplier within God. It organizes each entity as just a “number” (Sankhya, 53) servicing the charmed “sonship” (Pratyach, 53) element in the form of their “human force” (Lingam, 53). It helps God cleanse HIS polluted “paternal consciousness” (Pitra, 4) with the “cleansing grandmaternal consciousness” (Jyotistava, 4) traded from Mother Nature, devoted to the sentient well-being of the person God is as well as the universe of grandchildren he seeks to guide as the Father.

In the present times of COVID-19 pandemic and other grand challenges, we call out God most for blessing the “soul” (Atma, 4) of the departed. The soul is the entity’s “maternal consciousness” (Chaithanya, 4), inherited by the entity from his “primordial masculine self” (Shri Krishna, 10), before the six-unit growth that makes the entity a “primeval deity” (Maheshwara, 6). A primeval deity is a creative force, capable of reproducing the six-unit growth for manifesting the ten-unit mass consciousness and the twelve-unit self-luminous element within each entity by servicing the “destroyer factor” (Mahesha, 6) for destroying their illusionary theory of mind about the perpetuating value of God. By further activating the consciousness of the “primordial feminine self’ (Parvati, 10), each copy of the primeval deity enjoys the 16-unit intrinsic “divine light” (Usha, 16). Using intrinsic divine light, one enjoys the 16-unit “conscious consciousness” (Prashantatma, 16) of one’s divinity, without being a copy of the primeval deity.

What’s the Reality? Is it Knowable within the Present, even if it was Unknown in the past?
By radiating the “gravitational light” (Digambara, 100) of the “conscious consciousness” (Prashantatma, 16), one develops the power to exchange the “present consciousness” (Paramatma, 1600). By embodying the present consciousness without the numerical fragmentation of one into a deity, that attracts a primeval deity to repel a zero-unit theory for destroying the zero-unit King, one becomes the “param deity” (Shiva, 7 = 1 + 6 + 0 + 0).

For a param deity, the “reality” (Vastavikta, 7) is free of the unknown element because it is immanent within HIM. That Reality is the “queen” (Rani, 7) of his heart, his “primordial self” (Parvati, 10), embodying their “param son” (Hanuman, 3) in her invisible womb.

The param son trades the known “perpetuating value” (Saranyu, 5) to “embody” (Kartikeya, 3 + 5) “Mother Nature” (Kudrat, 8) as his “essential nature” (Anatanam, 8). Without revealing his “divinity” (Siddhi, 57), he adds himself to everyone’s “conscious consciousness” (Prashantatma, 16), radiating as “energy” (Shakti, 19 = 3 + 16), multiplying his “impact” (Siddhi, 57 = 19 * 3), to let the “primordial self” (Parvati, 10) service a new “cultural system” (Akalpa, 570 = 57 * 10). The new cultural system shifts the consciousness of the “divine apparatus” (Jangamavisha, 570), behaving like the archaeon by gifting the “absolute human-effect” (Ganesha, 570) that behaves like the ester bond.

By developing the consciousness of the “embodied personal reality” (Dvyartha, 400) through oneness with the “primeval deity” (Maheshwara, 6), one behaving like “God” (Ishvara, 5), becomes the “causal body” (Karana sharira, 30) “blessing” (Ashirwad, 1000) everyone with the “sentient energy” (Varuna, 1000 = 570 + 400 + 5 * 6). The sentient energy is the astral energy a “star” (Tara, 2) behaving as God radiates in the form of the cold sentient gas that “springs” (Vasanta, 811) open the “conscious” (Ojas, 189 = 1000 – 189) element within everyone.

COVID-19 pandemic and other natural and supernatural challenges we face today are a consequence of the cold sentient gas that is working to spring open a new consciousness by making everyone conscious of our responsibility. We all have the responsibility to further our social, human, ecological, economic, national, and psychological well-being, without globalizing our ideal-effect. We all have the responsibility to appreciate the global, unique, inclusive, diverse, engaged, and responsible behaviors, without localizing our behaviors through institutionally-mediated theory-effect.

We all have the responsibility to consciously determine the virtue of what comes into our imagination using our intuition if we wish to enjoy the blessings of Mother Nature for our excellence as her beloved child. That’s the secret of the SHEENY, i.e., the sentient or conscious element, the GUIDER, i.e., the gravitational or wisdom element, and the DIVINE, i.e., the mood or time element. These three elements are the source of the five commonly known elements—the fire, the water, the air, the earth, and the ether. Together, they constitute the octave of elements that constitutes the “inanimate one” (Ek, 1). It unfolds the seven-fold Reality from the womb of Mother Nature as the eighth fold.

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Professor Vipin Gupta is a professor of management and a co-director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial Science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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