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Fund of Hedge Fund Services preview
IBN Technologies specialized in providing its back-office support to Fund of Hedge Funds by keeping their pool of investment portfolio up to date with all required information for analysis and risk analysis. Head of research and investment manager need to continuously face the barrier of operational cost that blocks their investment risk analysis activities at macro level.

Fund of Funds managers are continuously searching for effective and practical middle and back office services from a reliable provider to reduce operational costs and match the productivity of the competitors in alternative investment domain. Investment managers can focus on increasing productivity by outsourcing the Fund data related activities and data reconciliation services to a reliable outsourcing serviceprovider.IBN middle and back-end services offer full support to bring your Hedge Funds analysis and investment activities at next level by killing the necessity to find and prepare in-house resources with the goal that you just will think about get-together resources and adjusting customers.

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Accounts Receivable Process preview
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Abstract paintings by Fine Artist Lori Mirabelli preview
Despite her full-time career, she continued to nurture her love of abstract painting and in 2009, decided to relocate to Toronto, Canada to pursue a career as an fine artist. Currently, Lori resides in her Downtown, Toronto studio-loft. Lori works primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, however she is known to work oil paints and cold wax as well. Her body of acrylic abstract paintings are comprised of strong bold lines and geometric form that is coupled with an emphasis on space. As an abstract artist, her specialty is creating large scale acrylic abstract paintings for homes, corporate offices, vacation properties and boutique businesses. In a few short years, Lori has grown and evolved as an accomplished fine artist. Art collectors and Art dealers who follow her painting career say that Loriโ€™s body of work is always evolving. Her acrylic abstract paintings are a reflection of her personal thoughts, emotions, struggles, and triumphs.
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Login Research preview
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Accounts Receivable Services preview
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Hedge Fund Services preview
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