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AKC Commodities, Inc. emerged in the early 90s supplying Organic rice, Organic dried fruits, & Organic Sesame seeds across the United States.

We work across the supply chain of our products starting at the farmer’s level, to producing high quality grains, fruits, and seeds to then shipping worldwide.

Our processing plant, Taj Food (Pvt.) Ltd., is proud to be the first Organic Certified manufacturer with IFS, Fairtrade, and Sedex certifications while upholding the highest of standards in Pakistan.

Today, AKC Commodities, Inc. is determined towards paving a path with farmers and along the supply chain line to sustainably grow products, decrease pollution, save water, and increase environmental awareness. Projects such as dry cultivation and controlled water irrigation continue to grow within the company.

AKC is proud to announce that we can supply Long Grain Rice & Round Grain Rice with low arsenic rice and aflatoxin levels.

With deep understanding of organic farming and processing, AKC is able to provide high quality and healthy grains, fruits, and seeds while upholding the highest level of integrity.

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Is Poor Bladder Control… Controlling Your Life? preview
Thousands of women suffer from the effects of urinary incontinence and don’t know how to get this sometimes embarrassing problem under control.

Childbirth, health issues, and lifestyle factors can all cause damage to the nerves in the bladder and weaken the pelvic floor. There are two types of urinary incontinence: stress incontinence where activities that cause pressure inside the abdomen trigger urine leaks; and urge incontinence where the brain and spine aren’t working together properly so the bladder empties itself without warning.

Bladder leaks can become a distressing part of your day and interfere with your quality of life…

And even though many women do kegel exercises and stretches to keep their bladder healthy, their bladder muscles may still not be strong enough and work as they should. Weakened muscles can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

Urinating more than 7-8 times a day
Sudden and urgent need to urinate
Urinating only small amounts at a time
Bed wetting and difficulty sleeping
Waking more than once to urinate during the night
Leakage when exercising, coughing or laughing
Leakage during sex

But there’s some good news… finally!

Support for Women Suffering from Embarrassing Leaks, Bed Wetting, and Overactive Bladder Symptoms.

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